Thursday, October 1, 2009


Mobb, born Travis Moore in Huntsville, Alabama, and relocating to Chattanooga in 1992, honed his smooth vocal skills by singing R&B in the hallways of Howard High.

Ironically, his unlikely partner, Brikk, born Robert Brown, was there at the same time--rapping down those same halls. Though Mobb would later give props to Brikk for his flow, Brikk was far more interested in “getting money” by that time. Fate did not see fit for this remarkable pair to set it off just yet.

Plagued with the demons of substance and child abuse in their respective homes, the two would embark on very separate journeys. While Mobb was in the Marines in Hawaii recording his raps in dorms and handing out tapes on base, Brikk was at home in Chattanooga reppin’ the street life in the drug game.

Upon Mobb’s return home, the two were invited to the same house party where Brikk heard Mobb free styling along with the radio. Amazed by the Mobb’s skills, he and Brikk became roommates and began writing together, but continued to focus on their own solo projects. In fact, Mobb found success writing for other artists such as the hit “Sick and Tired” for Nappy Roots.

Mobb’s ability to write hooks, rap and even sing them makes him a hot commodity while Brikk brings his street cred to his lyrics and solid vocals. The pair is undeniable. Fate had finally decided that it was time.

Realizing that together they were even hotter, they formed their first group called P-Dubb. By chance, Brikk’s cousin, Bone Dry, took them to a local record label called Block Life where they were signed to a deal and shelved. When this venture failed, in 2001 they signed to World Affiliated Records in Atlanta, GA, and were unfortunately shelved a second time. After two years at that label without a release, they left to go it alone and recorded their own album.

With this project in tow, the duo encountered Vincent Brookins of Vinceddie Management, who was A&R for Black Ice Recording/Universal, based in Richmond, CA, while performing at a party at the local Elks Club. Brookins loved it and a new deal was offered. At a time when everyone was attempting to emulate Tupac or Master P, Mobb and Brikk developed their sound from the streets of Pinney Woods. “[It’s about] how we felt, and what we were going through…no disrespect to Pac, but we were just trying to be P-Dubb,” the duo says of their unique sound.

They dropped P-Dubb and adopted their current name from the hood where they got money, Pinney Woods. Now Pinney Woods is willing to do whatever it takes to make good music—be it R&B, Rap, Alternative or even Black Rock; they are determined to make songs that are both hot and relevant to the times.

The duo has performed with Outkast, 8 Ball & MJG, Young Bloodz, and the group New Beginnings featuring Usher, a Chattanooga native, to name a few. Though they shifted their money-making hustle from the streets to the clubs, and went from trappin' on the same street, to sharing the stage, it’s still about the money. As Pinney Woods would say, “In God We Trust, everyone else pay cash.”

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