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It was the legendary Marilyn Monroe who was quoted for saying, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it.” But does that slogan still apply when the man’s world happens to be the world of entertainment? Well yes and no. If you’re willing to come in as a female and bare your goodies for everybody that has a working set of eyes, then the door is always open.


But if you’re reluctant to spread eagle on the “casting couch,” your road to glory might be filled with more detours than the average construction site. In other words, if you stay ‘true,’ it might take a little longer, but putting your body in compromising situations is more likely lead to a step ahead of the competition (especially with pornography market making billions in revenue).


Over 41 million albums sold, 11 Grammy Awards, 11 Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards, and, 14 NAACP Image Awards apparently weren’t enough for some Alicia Keys’ followers who were more concerned about when she was going to stop hiding behind the piano, and wear more A-Symmetrical clothing so they could see her figure. But on the other hand, females like tennis player Anna Kournikova, who hass never won a singles title, manages to stay in the same breath with those who have just because of her barely-there clothing.


So there in lies the great debate or dilemma if you will, whether to bare Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. it all with the equivalent of dental floss running through your derrière, or whether to keep covered-up as if you’re waiting for the next blizzard to sweep through your town. The key is knowing how to balance them both out, being smart and sexy. Because in today’s world of cover girls, top models, and desperate housewives who can pass for 25, the odds are men will more concentrated on seeing you in a Victoria’s Secret catalog rather than being impressed by you having a budget plan on-hand to help reduce the nation’s deficit. And if you have plans to make it big in Hip-Hop as a female, your chances might be even slimmer than Nicole Richie before she got pregnant.


In the land of “b**ches and hoes” (according to Bill O’Reilly and associates) African-American females are constantly degraded in music videos by being paraded around like someone’s property all while they’re scantly dressed. Some would argue that they have a choice in whether or not to be involved in such a production; which is very true. There isn’t any one on street corner grabbing these ladies by gunpoint, and hoarding them into van, and dropping them off at shady video music set forcing them to wear a size 4 two-piece when they clearly need a size 8.


They do have a choice in the matter, but some see that as a “quick fix” if you will, or short cut to the top; “Okay maybe if I just walk around a few more times in these 5 inch stiletto heels and nothing else, I’ll get my big break.” For some the “the big break” never comes, and those same stiletto heels that had so much promise on those video shoots, casting couches, and tour buses are now used for their dance routines at strip clubs.


Janella Dobbs AKA Hedonis da Amazon happens to be one of those females that doesn’t believe in the famed quick road to stardom. Not since the classic days of Bahamadia’s “Total Wreck” and “Uknowhowwedu,” or Eve’s “vicious pit bull in a skirt” era has the city of Philly felt the affects of female MC in their midst. But this Philly chick has more than just the “City Of Brotherly Love” in her cross hairs. With a body that mirrors any women that was in Nelly’s 'Tip Drill' or 50 Cent’s 'Disco Inferno' videos (the unrated versions of course) you might be more willing to ask her what topless bar she works at as opposed to when is her next mixtape coming out.


When God created this voluptuous, 5’11,” thick-thighed, full-lipped Asian-eyed beauty, he also gave her the ability to connect words, turn them into 48 bars, and add a hook in between every even number of them. So those who still want to throw money at her still can, it just won’t be down in her G-String, it’ll be at the cash register when you buy her album at your local music store.


After catching the attention of Hot 97’s Kay Slay with a flow that rivals the sounds of a woman scorned, she’s been able to bring her aggressive and emotional-filled content to a wider audience all by…. Come on lets say it together: “BY KEEPING HER CLOTHES ON!” That’s right boys and girls! She’s been able to achieve this by not humiliating herself in the process. So after you’ve read this one-on-one, don’t bother looking for any naked pictures of her on the Internet, because the only search results you’ll come up with will be YouTube videos of her rhyming her ass off as if the end of the world was near, and of course her Myspace page.





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