Monday, October 12, 2009


I've been on the road for about close to 8 or 9 hours so I should probably be resting or sleeping but true to my form I'm not. I will be probably lay it down in about 30 mins as I type away on this laptop keyboard. I know I post everyday or almost every couple of days and normally my blog is about new music, new video or latest music news going on but I'm gonna break away from that for a little bit. Hopefully, I have built a connection with a lot of readers of this blog as well as my followers on Twitter. Shouts to everyone who has supported and showed me love.

Recently, I have lost a love one due to cancer. My uncle who leaves behind a caring and supportive wife and children. My other uncle passed away a couple years of ago prior to me forming this blog and as well as the Wayne Royale's Mixxcity Radio internet radio podcasts. This past weekend, I took time to reflect on how my uncle lived his life. It was what I call a "bittersweet" time. What I mean by this that it's a good time and bad time. I'm not here to whin, grief and express regrets.

I want to urge everyone checking out this blog to believe in God first (it don't matter what religion you are), care for family and live life. I went to a memorial service for my late uncle. The memorial service was different from a traditional funeral as it stressed to celebrate as well as live a life worth remembering. We are born into this world and we leave this world so seriously considered what you do in between.

As for me, I'm gonna continue to work hard, soldier on, and go hard in everything I do. This is what any of my family member would want. I hope I can accomplish everything I want. I urge that everyone does the same and remember to always stay humble and don't rest on one accomplishment. Well, here was a blog to get a little personal with me. I would like to thank everyone who has truly been there for me. As we begin this October month, I'll continue to go hard. Make sure you check me out on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank You All...Peace and Love,

Wayne Royale

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