Thursday, October 1, 2009


In an era where music aficionados are bombarded with a myriad of artistic choices, finding a genuine artist with exceptional talent and raw energy has become an overwhelming task. With a haunting swagger and ability to depict a story so vividly, N Music recording artist Benisour Tha Don is the latest rap giant to leap out of the Florida ,ready to detonate his musical prowess and lyrical mastery onto the world.

Born Troy Benisour (pronounced BEN-I-SWA) Paul, the 27-year-old only child of a Trinidadian mother and Grenadian father was raised throughout the U.S., including on the culturally rich island of Puerto Rico. Settling in Miami by the age of four, Benisour quickly adapted to his new surroundings, which greatly influenced not only his outlook on life, but musical tastes that have shaped his sound today. Drawing inspiration from W.E.B. Dubois, Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield, and LL Cool J. to name a few, Benisour has created a style uniquely his own, all the while sharing his experiences of life on the streets with anyone will listen.

Growing up in the streets of Miami is a far cry from the picture perfect image of sunny days at the beach. Benisour witnessed and experienced his share of tragedies on those dark streets. It took losing a family member to really open his eyes to bloodshed going on around him. "It makes you appreciate life and how serious it is when people aren't there anymore" says Benisour about that experience. "All you can do is understand and respect God's power. Sometimes the odds are not in your favor, but you can come out of it."

From a young age Benisour was drawn to the gritty and urban appeal of the flourishing hip-hop culture. He cites many people from his neighborhood whom encouraged him to pursue hip-hop, but it was his own appetite for the culture that led him down the path he currently finds himself on today. It was his mission to prove to the world that Miami had talent since at the time all Miami was really known for was Two Live Crew and Booty Bass music. "When I first started recording, the music of the time was much different. I wanted to show love to those who put me on by offering a new style of my own and prove how versitle Miami is."

Benisour has been hard at work writing music and recording with some of hip-hop's best artists including the Nappy Roots who took him under their wing and showed him the ropes while they were platinum-recording artists. Additionally, he's collaborated with reggae greats like Mr. Vegas and Junior Reid, as well as Roca-Fella artist Freeway. Always looking to push the envelop musically and creatively while giving his fans something they can really move to, Benisour is confident his style will quickly catch on.
And the hip-hop world is already paying attention. He's been featured on the cover of The South's number one hip-hop magazine--- Ozone, featured artist in 305 Magazine and an exclusive interview with MTV's Sway (The Wake-Up Show).Benisour is just getting warmed up. He recently recorded the sleeper hit "Shining" with legendary Reggae artist Junior Reid and is currently in the studio working on his debut album which is slated to drop later in the year. "Be ready to hear some 'Benisour Music'. I'm coming in with different aspects and perspectives of music into one solid album. I love theme music, but sometimes you feel cheated out that way. Its taken some time to build this together, but when it drops you'll know why I'm considered a solidified artist. "

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