Monday, July 21, 2008


What's up Internet?! It's your man, Wayne Royale and you are priveledged to be checking out my blog! On this site I will be promoting my podcast, the People's Choice (Another hot blog that Cool V and myself hold down!), (All my hustlers, entrepeneurs, models, radio personalities, DJ's, Rappers, Singers, Dancers and know what to do! Go up there and sign up for a free account and get your network on!).

I'm looking for DJ's to help do shows for Wayne Royale's Mixxcity Radio! And all my upcoming or established artists, I want to get your music out there. If it's hot then I'll play it on my show for further inquiries, contact me at!

You'll be seeing more posts from me covering what's going down with yours truly, the show and everything hot going on! So now in the words of my homie, Judge Mills Lane from MTV's old cartoon, Celebrity Deathmatch, "LET'S GET IT ON!"

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