Friday, November 20, 2009


What's Crak'n Peoples!

1st off I hesitated writing this blog because I don't endorse bullshit nor vibe on negative energy but this one has been a long time coming!!!!! As some of you may know I'm nooooooo newcomer to this business. However some of you may NOT (fair enough) but truth be told when you've been in this business for a period of time you can just sit back, watch and listen and things or fake people will reveal themselves. The business is like those fake friends we all had who lived in our hood or who grew up with us that pretended to be our friend meanwhile was jealous but never spoke up. ( Bet you just thought of a couple people didn't you lol) Well this brings me to my point and is funny because a good 80% of the people you meet in the entertainment industry or in life will have a hidden agenda. (Real Talk) That's why you hear the phrase real friends are like diamonds. Now for some of you who haven't gotten it yet let me explain and me tell you why I just compared the industry to a fake friend. A real friend will NOT always agree with you but will always look out what's best for you and have your back. A fake friend will wither the very first sign of turbulence or will be like that's messed up when you inform them on some bad news or will change the subject or if he/she can't get what they want from you you won't hear from them unless they want something.

That's sort of how this industry works!!!!! When it feels that it has gotten it's use from you or feel you "CAN'T" produce no more it will change on you like the Day turns to Night! Prime examples Chris Brown, Micheal Jackson, Lauren Hill and the list goes on & on. Did you Ever wonder why most entertainers start their tours "OVERSEAS".(SEE HERE) Why? because they are "LOYAL" fans case and point Micheal Jackson would still have been alive if he NEVER came back to the good old USA! Who persecuted that man even after he died yet hypocritcaly gave him awards and sung kumbaya at his funeral (That pissed me off something terrible) Hell we even do the same thing to those who went on the front line for us like so many of our soldiers who fought for this country and risk their lives only to come back to the good old USA and become homeless see "here"(What Tha Tha F@ck?) SMH. Please stop me if I'm NOT making sense? We are selling out by the tons and respecting NOTHING or anything anymore marriage, friendship etc...!!!!

You can watch a FAKE ass NIGGA on TV or someone with NO morals do what ever and we excuse them if we think for one second that they are famous or making money. If you talk about morals or say anything that stands for something your now labeled as a hater? Somebody please send me the memo for that one because I must of been absent for this BS!!!! Prime example "Superhead" (see "here") not that this ignorance needs ANY more attention but dig it I had a radio show a week ago and on that particular show we was talking about things that decay the industry as well as morals and *BAMMM* she came up as a topic. Would you believe that a guest actually told me that I should respect her hustle? (Nigga please are you SERIOUS?????) But this should have came as example no surprise because the same character also thought that loyalty to people who support you is over-with once you don't see eye to eye (Example Jay Z & Beanie. But back to the story when I didn't agree with mommi's tactics I was labeled a hater because I didn't approve with his point which he said she was using the stereotypical hoochie few use what u got and I'm not talking your head. Women you are worth much more than that Don't fall for that bullshit Im NOT not knocking your hustle if your a prostitute do you just don't try to convince youngsters that that's the way to go! In a how to guide!! Or bring down the names of people you slept with for money isn't that called black-male? or did I miss that memo?

People we have mos def got to do better!!!! I don't give a rats ass if you do what you do but when you effect the lives of thousands of people who watch you and are ignorant & support or look up to you because they think its what you must do to get on & end up getting rapped or screwed following your f@cked up footsteps while its all about YOU" then there's something seriously wrong with that picture! Where was I at when they passed this fake code of ethics being the shit? When did and why have being fake become so popular these days? Loyalty today is just thought up as over-rated and stabbing your friend in the back has somehow become the move?


It's a crying shame when you have DJ's who supported your record NOW getting sued for supporting your black ass? ( see "Here")& "Here" But then turn around and retract your statement see "HERE" WOWWWWWWW! You also have managers, publicists, marketing reps, promotional reps, street teams who have gave up a good space of their time provided for you and neglected their family only for you to drop them like a bad habit once you got signed or blew up (WDF ARE WE THINKING? COME ON!) People stabbing other people once they feel you are of NO further use or have gotten what they want all do to this crab in a barrel mentality and teachings like "THE 48 LAWS OF POWER" 1st lets review the laws "here" Now see the effects "here" and "here" oh wait theres more see "here" Still not convinced? See "here" I've sat back and watch a ton of Fuckery at it's best in the last few years on TV, magazines, threw artists, labels, business associates etc and so have YOU!!!!!

This blog is NOT intended to point the finger at NO specific person but to shed light on this bullshit! I don't have the energy, time nor the patience to deal with you FAKE M@THERF@CKERS!!!!!!! But enough is Enough you can take it how you want to blog it, record it play it back I don't give a dayum how u take it if this blog because its written to defend good people and hopefully put the spotlight on bullshit for youngsters who think it's cool to follow this BS. Now if this offends you there is a 99% chance your probably one of the fake ass cats I'm talking about or you read a mirror image of yourself in some of the actions I spoke of. I have witnessed a ton of sneak dissing whether on twitter, myspace, facebook, blogs, radio shows etc where the same people who where once praising that person(s) actions immediately changes their tune once something happens and now that other persons(s) the Anti-Christ. For example The Jay Z and Beans situation we all know Beenie Seagal rode for Jigga and was that straight up hot head and street cat that got it poppin but isn't that what made the whole street property movement popular and gave Rock-a-fella Records their street credibility? Now I am a fan of Jay Z's music but not his actions as of lately.

People are now giving people GOD complexes and they can do no wrong. Its so crazy that if you speak on the truth or BS your now Hating. For example when Lil Wayne said "Fuck The Dj's" his ass should have been boycotted and off the air by "EVERY DJ OR MIX-TAPE DJ" until he gave a open ON AIR (Don't worry we will get back to that later) apology for that Bullshit! Now back to Jay Z I don't agree of his actions from Lil Momma to Beans 1st little Momma is young and "EVERYONE" was ranting on How dare she hop on the stage with "Jay Z" she's not a A-list celebrity blah blah blah but it's was cool for Kanye to hop on stage and have terrets on many unappropiate occasions and jigga had no response to that bullshit WDF!!!! People this shit is getting out of hand. It's crazy when you have people like Tila Tequila or Chance and Real talk about talent and being real they dayum selves.
Please tell me WDF made these talentless people Icons? I MISSED THAT BOAT!!!!!!!! ANYWHO!

This just shows we done lost are m@ther f@cking minds when talent like Lauren Hill no latter all that she has done for the game get out-casted and disrespected so much here in the states in fact that she doesn't perform here any longer because she's fed up with the politrix!!!! The sad thing is who are these people who's making these calls of what or who's is hot when 1/2 of these people just started listening to that particular genre if music just a few years ago WDF makes your ass a expert? Now back to "Loyalty" we are loyal to "NOTHING THESE DAYS!!" I seen a show and site called "For The Money" where they actually paid people to cheat on their lovemates hell ain't 1/2 of VH1's reality shows based on those same principles? ( But That's Good TV RIGHT?)

We have become a generation of ignorant selfish mo-fos who cares NOTHING or about others as long as we are making cash we can do ANYTHING!! Case and point let me go back a few years to R-KELLY We all seen his black ass piss on that lil girl no matter how fast her ass was or where her parents was that did NOT excuse this grown ass 30 something negros actions!!!!!(SEE HERE) But we did! The same thing with Superhead hell she even went as far as to write a part two with a manual and it took commercial media not OUR media to shut her ass down and expose her ass and telling her "enough is enough your book is guide on how to be a ho!" (See Here) While some black professors and (some) feminist supported this ho and had her speak at a college which shocked the hell out of me!(see here) Case and point I wish I could ask Oprah Winfrey how in the hell did this triflin bitch ever make it on her show? (see here) ( I know it made a good story that seems to be the mold these days but dayumzzz) Then immediately after her show the Imus situation occurred and "HIP HOP" was on trail and every song that ever said the word hoe was held accountable and even great MC's like Common Sense (see here) wow her team is good you can no loger find the videos, Nas and others who make good music and are some of the few artists who actually speak about the struggle became on trail.

Shortly after Oprah was supersoaking hoes with "Souljah Boy" right acrosss her stage (WDF!!!) Now like my boy Ed Lover would say (Cmon Son) This is some crazy shit!!! Like I said I'm convinced that if you have a enough money you probably get away with anything hell see "OJ" that just proves money can buy almost ANYTHING. Also some society leaders and the news are hypocrites they talk about gang violence, teen pregnacy, etc but yet support movies, video games and music or artists that promote all of the above * for the right campaign dollars). Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying actors nor musicians should be held accountable for raising your kids but we should be careful of the messages we send to some of these kids and lying to them when they suffer some serious consequences and like the saying goes for much is given much is required!

It's a dayum shame that reformed criminals like Tookie Willaims was fried in the electric chair yet people others like Al Capone, Jeffery Dalmer was glorified & even given endorsements book deals and made famous while they never had ANY REMORSE NOR REGRETS FOR THEIR ACTIONS given FAME. That just shows you how sick and twisted this world have truly become. I seen this coming when people glorified 2 Pacs character Bishop (RIP Tupac) which was crazy because I still remember feeling like noooooooooooooooo how can he kill his man when Raheem got killed. I also felt the same way when Scarface killed Manny I was like this was the same brother that just saved your ass man i was mad. (See Here) What the hells ever happened to loyalty? (See Here)Was I absent when the memo read "Fuck loyalty get money!"

People we have got to do better and that's real talk It's not about how much you make in the end because all the money in the world can't save your soul, bring a love one back to life, create genuine love or buy you class or dignity. Think about that when you support, betray or endorse this whole "IMMA SCREW YOU BEFORE U SCREW ME ATTITUDE" (GO GET A HUG 1stBECAUSE KARMA IS A B@TCH AND SHE WILL MET YOUR ASS!)Hell I met her on a bad day and that's why I promised myself "I WOULD NEVER UPSET HER ASS AGAIN!!!" (SEE "THE SECRET" & "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION")
Once again this blog is NOT directed at No particular person(s) but to whom it may concern if your on that Bullshit (Period) Like "COMMON" said "I USED TO LOVE H.E.R"

Once again I'd like to thank those people who are in the industry who doesn't abide by the screw others get money theory. Enjoy my dude Common the video below says it all!!!!

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