Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What's going on World?! It's your man, Wayne Royale. Following up on the gossip that I gave you a couple of months ago concerning a rumor going around about Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz alledgely dating. I got the info from an issue of Hip-Hop Weekly a few months ago (Big shout outs to the folks at Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine). It seems that lately wherever Swizz Beatz was making appearances that Alicia Keys was not too far behind.

In this months of issue of Hip-Hop Weekly, they talk about the story again with the Swizz/Alicia/Mashonda love triangle but there is now a fourth part involved in this torrid love affair. And that person turns out to be former member of Groove Theory, Bryce.

At first, Mashonda reported to Hip-Hop Weekly and other sources that she was loooking to mend her union with Swizz, but that changed after Swizz defended Alicia Keys to Us Magazine telling the magazine, "I can no longer ignore the harmful rumors, that my friend Alicia Keys is in any way linked to my maritial circumstances or to the decision that (my wife) Mashonda and I have made to separate."

A source close to Mashonda was quoted by The New York Post's Page Six said, "That was his announcement. She got sucked into it. She thought they were trying to put their marriage back together." Well, regardless of the situation it looks like Mashonda is gonna make things hell for Swizz as there were rumors that she hired powerful matrimonial attorney Bernard Cliar to fight for her in court.

Whether there is an actual affair between Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys, it is clear that Alicia has some sort love for him even if it's purely professional. Swizz has done two remixes off of her latest album, "No One" and "Teenage Love Affair".

According to columnists with the NY Daily News, Alicia Keys threw a big birthay bash for Swizz at a posh location in NY, where many of Alicia's and Swizz's mutual friends and family were there. Allegdly, she was calling Swizz "the man of the hour" and "her boo. And oddly enough, Swizz is still hanging out with her in public in NY despite the bad publicity.

Right now, no one from both parties camp are confirming any details about this dating relationship between Swizz and Alicia Keys. Now, this where things get more complicated allegdly there are rumors going on that Mashonda is being linked to talking with former R&B member/producer Bryce Wilson. A rep for Mashonda has said that, "As far as (Mashonda's) alleged involvement with Bryce Wilson is a total fabricated, and false rumor."

The lengthy statement goes on further to say thaat, "These recent allegations made by Swizz's team are only for the sole purposes of discrediting Mashonda and ultimately trying to save face for Swizz and his girlfriend Alicia Keys, Mashonda has in no way spoken about about with anything with any media outlet, as she's been instructed not to by her legal team, but furthermore (Mashonda was) threatened financially and physically by Swizz if she does speak."

A rep for Bryce Wilson has also reported that. "Bryce Wilson is highly upset that he's being included in this family drama and is reaching out to Swizz and his team to dissolve these vicious rumors."

Whatever the case may be going on with this story, drama is definitely poppin off so make sure you keep locked it for more details.



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