Sunday, January 24, 2010


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Hey Peoples!

What's crack'n remember "Biggie Smalls" Ten Crack Commandments? Well dig this I came up with a list of my own from 2010 to follow hope you enjoy!

1.) PUT GOD 1st - in your life let him guide your steps and control your path and you can't loose. Note: this does not apply to Holy Rollers or Self Righteous people who like to condemn others and point the finger while they ass is on fire at the club errrr week meanwhile they damning you to hell tsk tsk ignore these fools (Lying Bastards) they obviously don't even own a moral compass they damn selves. REMEMBER if a person can't love GOD then you are NO different!

2.) Love Yourself!!!!! - To my good brothers and sisters stay away from assholes in relationships personal OR so-called friendships because of manners and up-bringing we normally tolerate people because of two reasons 1# we became accustom to their BS or 2# OR we make excuses for their ill mannered behavior because we think that we have to accept that sh@t as part of his/her composition package. Does this ring a bell? Sound like you? Just think back & You will know what I'm saying is true just think back & remember when you heard the line "You know that's just so and so" or the o-so famous line we hear way to often "that's just me or that's just how I am deal with it". I say "F@ck Em!!!" That shit is for the birds & doesn't matter why they are how they are you should NOT have to be the victim of their onslaught or revenge fest! Introduce their ass to K.I.M (KEEP IT MOVING!)

3.) Avoid Crabs - These are the people who come around only when your doing great or want to latch on to your success and try to manipulate the situation where somehow they on top an you on the bottom. Still don't know who these people are? Well they are they people who only want to go out when you paying or if they can be V.I.P or when your in a position of power. How do I confirm who they are? Easy it becomes a "We" situation EVERY TIME YOUR ON TOP and a YOU WHEN YOUR ON THE BOTTOM just listen to your heart. Want to weed them out? Just tell them a problem or issue and they will run like you have just caught a plague

4.) Embrace your HATERS - Kill them assh@les with kindness now I know for MOST of you reading this your probably like "F@CK DAT" but dig this. Is negative people worth your energy or worth your time? When I think back on my life and look at certain situations and reflect I realize that I wasted entirely way too much energy & time beating myself up blaming myself for thinking so stupid asking myself how did you let this happen? Well the truth be told to put it short misery loves company but only you can choose if you want to be its companion (NUFF SAID!)

5.) JUST LISTEN - How many times have we put ourselves in awkward situations trying to appease other people while gotten shot in the process? It's high time we STOP, LOOK & LISTEN Alot of times we could have saved ourselves a world pain if we just listened to ourselves. It's like the movie "The Wedding Singer" when "Julia" who never flown on a plane before asked her boy-fiend who was a frequent flyer to let her have the window seat and he denied it well she remembered the story that Adam Sandler told her about his Ex who did the same thing and eventually ditched him at the alter. He expressed if he would have never over-looked this it mthat would have never happened. That is so true and important remember it's the little things that matter.

6.) VALUE YOUR TRUE FRIENDS - I know this may sound cliche but too often too of us over look this and good people are often over-looked (Remember the phrase good guys finish last!) People don't forget to thank those that help you in your time of need the people and people you can count on who are always reliable but more importantly those that ain't afraid to speak their mind when your ass in the wrong or just doing too much!!!! Friends may NOT always agree with all your decisions but they should support what truly makes you happy just as long as it isn't hurting anything nor anyone else. Be skeptical of people who endorse bullshit or the Fuck em get yours attitude because if they have that opinion about life and people your ass may be thier NEXT VICTOM!!!!! (Real Talk)

7.) TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF - In today's world with the economy, job, kids, friends most of us don't time out for the most important individual on the planet YOU!!!! Never get too busy that you don't take at least a hour a day to reflect on how YOU are doing some of us (I Know I have been guilty Too) will give up anything and everything at times to appease people to prove ourselves or our word when these same people could care less!!! I say if they are your fiend they will understand and encourage you taking time out for yourself.

8.) AVOID SNAKES - These people like to slither into your life and usually come to cause confusion, hurt and pain. They usually have NO friends or are loners simply because people can't stand to be around their trifling asses. These individuals will use anybody to get to anywhere. You seen the type the people who are EVERYONE'S friend but NO ONES friends the "JUDAS" How many times have you seen these people talking behind that persons back only to see they same person act like they cool as hell with him/her. It's like "Craigs" (Ice Cubes) mother on the movie "Friday" when she spoke to her neighbor "Hey Girl" and mumbled a diss under her breath. These are the people that will get you in some serious F@CKED UP SITUATIONS - AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS!!!!

9.)ROLL WITH THE WINNERS - Now when I say this I mean successful people. Now before you run with that statement success differs from person to person so let me make this clear. Hang around driven people who are motivated, positive, driven and who like to make things happen instead of complaining about people or things. I say surround yourself with those type of people and your NEVER LOOSE! NOTE: Money doesn't always breed success because I know a couple of lonely millionaires who wish would give up their wealth to find that person that completes them and that they could trust. What profits a man/woman to gain the world but loose his/her soul success is what makes YOU happy stop listening to others tell you what YOU need to BE do what makes you happy as long as it doesn't demean yourself or anyone else do you!

10.) ENJOY LIFE - Life is precious I just found that out just a month ago when I lost 7 very important people to me 3 that was extremely close who I loved dearly. Time waits for no man/woman so you better enjoy it while your hear. Stop listening to what people tell you YOU CANT DO or may sound silly to them If you had a DREAM AND WISHED YOU COULD SAIL THE 7 SEAS NAKED I SAY DO IT!!!!! If that will complete you or fulfill your fantasy do it! Most people live their lives with regret do you want to be one of those old people who say what they could have done or one of the old people who smiles and say man back in my day I did that and boy was I good! Basically live your life with NO REGRETS!




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